The size and complexity of data are growing fast, together with the possibilities to analyze data and translate it into insights. At the same time many companies are struggling to present these insights effectively so that they can be used for decision making. With this course you will learn about the basic principles to effectively design data visualizations.

The point of data visualization is to make large amounts of data understandable and easy to comprehend. A good data visualization will allow its users to view both simple and complex datasets at a glance and see abnormalities, dependencies and trends that would not have been apparent in tables.

Overlooking important pieces of data could have severe consequences for a business, but a visualization of the data uses the strengths of our evolutionarily trained pattern detection machine, the brain, to quickly hone into those data points that need the most attention.

During the data visualization course you will learn how the human brain can be influenced when processes information. You will also get practical tools for designing effective and user-friendly visualizations and reports or dashboards, and you will spend some time applying these tools on example cases.

In this basic Data visualization course you will learn about:

  • How the brain gets influenced by visual design, explained by examples that illustrate how it translates what we look at into what we actually see
  • The basic design principles for data visualization to allow you to pick the right chart for the right purpose and format your charts in the best possible way
  • Know what choices there are in creating data visualization and how to make the right choices
  • How the message behind your data visualizations can be affected by the design decisions
  • What you need to take into account when designing reports and dashboards using Deloitte’s 10 commandments for effective dashboard and report design

This XpertSessie is partly theoretical and party practical, allowing you to put the theory immediately into practice and experience how design decisions influence the messages your data visualizations bring across.


Datum: 16 april 2019 | Locatie: Amsterdam | XpertSessie Code: DAV
Permanente Educatie: Aangevraagd voor 2 punten voor Actuarissen en Actuarieel Analisten
Prijs: € 179,– (exclusief BTW) | Als je bent ingeschreven op onze nieuwsbrief participeer je kosteloos.

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